8 Correct Ways of Fitness for Beginners with Thin Body

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Correct Ways of Fitness for Beginners with Thin Body

Correct Ways of Fitness – Having a good body is the dream of many people. Generally, the criteria for a good body include not being overweight or too thin, and being in good overall shape. However, the ideal body requirements vary from person to person. Nonetheless, most people consider a good body to be a healthy and well-built one. Unfortunately, achieving a good body is not easy. Typically, it involves simple preparations and engaging in fitness activities.

Many people go to fitness centers to either lose or gain weight. Some individuals are naturally thin from birth, no matter how much they eat. However, there are ways to gain weight and build a good body, especially for beginners.

So, for those with skinny bodies who want to gain a good amount of weight, there are correct and effective fitness methods to follow. Here are some fitness steps for beginners with slim bodies that can serve as a guide for your fitness journey:

1. Weightlifting

For beginners with slim bodies, the first step in your fitness program should be weightlifting. Weightlifting can help with muscle growth and is an excellent way to improve stamina. To maximize your progress, perform weightlifting exercises regularly. Initially, it may be challenging, but with consistent effort, your body will adapt.

Start with weightlifting exercises 3-4 times a week. The more often you do them, the quicker you will see results. However, remember to include intervals or rest days for recovery. This step may be challenging for beginners, but when done correctly, it won’t cause injuries.

2. Compound Muscle Exercises

Next, for beginners with slim bodies, you can incorporate compound muscle exercises into your fitness routine. Plan your compound muscle exercises by targeting different muscle groups on different days. For example, you can work on the biceps, abs, and chest on Mondays and focus on other muscle groups on different days. Ensure that you start slowly as a beginner to allow your body to adjust.

3. Seek Guidance from a Trainer

As a beginner, it’s essential not to try to do everything on your own. Seek guidance and instruction from a fitness trainer to choose the right fitness exercises for your goals. While it’s common for skinny individuals to focus on weightlifting, as a beginner, you will need guidance. Your personal trainer will recommend starting with lighter weights to train your muscles. Once you’re conditioned, they will gradually increase the weights. Once you’ve mastered the weightlifting process, you can train independently without a trainer.

4. Include Meat in Your Diet

In addition to physical activity, one of the ways for beginners with slim bodies to optimize their fitness journey is to include meat in their diet. Consuming meat can help increase muscle mass. Fresh red meat, in particular, is rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats that your body needs.

To maximize your fitness program, consider consuming 500-1000 calories of meat daily. However, be mindful of the quality of the meat you consume. Be aware of the characteristics of healthy meat to ensure you’re making the right choices.

5. Consume the Right Foods

Another step for beginners with slim bodies is to balance their fitness program with their diet. Pay attention to the foods you consume as you embark on your fitness journey to achieve the desired body. Incorporate foods that can help you gain muscle mass, such as those high in protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. Some suitable foods for your diet include meat, eggs, leafy greens, and fruits. Consume these foods regularly and adjust your daily nutritional intake accordingly.

6. Eat More

Since you’re on a fitness program to achieve a better body, you need to increase your food intake. This is because every time you engage in physical exercise or fitness activities, you burn calories and energy. Your body burns stored fats, which is excellent, but for individuals who find it difficult to gain weight, this process may not be as effective.

Especially if your daily calorie intake remains the same as before you started your fitness routine, your body will burn the calories consumed during your exercise, leaving little for muscle growth. Therefore, start increasing your food intake, but remember to include essential nutrients necessary for muscle development.

7. Use Supplements

Another way for beginners with slim bodies to enhance their fitness journey is to use supplements. This is not a new concept, as many fitness enthusiasts use specific supplements to support their programs. However, it’s crucial to choose the right supplements. The ideal supplements for skinny individuals are those designed to increase body weight and aid in muscle formation.

Today, you can find various muscle-building supplements available in the form of drinks or capsules. However, exercise caution, as not all supplements are suitable for you. Learn about the potential risks of supplement consumption to make informed choices. It’s advisable to consult your fitness trainer to determine which supplements are right for you. These supplements come in various forms and price ranges.

8. Supplement with Amino Acids

The final step in the fitness journey for beginners with slim bodies is to supplement with amino acids. Alongside carbohydrates and proteins, amino acids play a crucial role in muscle development. You can obtain amino acids from supplements or natural sources.

If you prefer natural sources, consider consuming fruits like bananas, apples, mangoes, avocados, beets, and more, as they are rich in amino acids. Additionally, vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and others contain amino acids as well. Incorporate these amino acid-rich foods into your diet to optimize your fitness program.

These are the eight steps for beginners with slim bodies to embark on their fitness journey. In essence, the fitness program for skinny individuals aims to increase muscle mass. Weightlifting is a critical component of this program, and it should be performed regularly. Combine weightlifting with compound muscle exercises and seek guidance from a fitness trainer, especially during the early stages. To complement your fitness program, include meat in your diet, choose the right foods, increase your food intake, and consider using supplements wisely. Additionally, supplementing with amino acids can further enhance your fitness progress. Good luck with your fitness journey!

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